Hopkins, Arthur (1848-1930) by Scholes, Robert

Arthur Hopkins (1848 – 1930) He was born in London, the younger brother of Gerard Manly Hopkins, and educated at Lansing College in Sussex. After working in the city for a while, he entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1872 and began exhibiting at the main London galleries from then on. He worked as an illustrator, contributing to , , and , working on the serial version of Hardy’s , among other things. He specialized in landscape and genre scenes and became a member of the Royal Watercolour Society. Ezra Pound, reviewing a show of the Royal Watercolour Society as B. H. Dias, observed of a Hopkins work, Unfortunate or not, Hopkins was a Victorian—which tells us something, perhaps, about his more famous brother, who is usually thought of as a modern poet. The Graphic Punch The Illustrated London News Return of the Native Victorian era still dragging on; most unfortunate.

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