Hughes, Edward Robert (1851-1914) by Scholes, Robert

Edward Robert Hughes (1851 – 1914) E. R. Hughes was the nephew of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Arthur Hughes, under whom he studied before proceeding to the Royal Academy Schools. He later worked on and off for , and knew . He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1870-1911, but made his name at the Royal Watercolourist Society, becoming ARWS in 1891, RWS in 1895, and Vice President of the institution for the period 1901-3. He was based in London, but moved to St Albans in 1913. His work is usually described as “symbolist.” Huntly Carter in suggested that they might, if reduced in size, be used to “decorate confetti boxes.” Holman Hunt Burne-Jones The New Age (NA 6.8:189)

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