Innes, James Dickson (1887-1914) by Scholes, Robert

James Dickson Innes (1887 – 1914) A landscape painter who lived only a short while, he was born in Llanelly, Wales. He studied at the Carmarthen School of Art and the Slade School. He visited France and Spain in 1908-1912, and went to Morocco for his health in 1913. He exhibited with the New English Art Club and other galleries. He was consumptive and died of tuberculosis at Swanley in Kent. The above information comes from . J. D. Innes had seven paintings in the famous “Armory Show” in New York in 1913. All were lent by John Quinn, who was a lawyer and well-known patron of modern art and artists, including Pound and Joyce. The Dictionary of British Artists 1880-1940

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