Jacquemart, Jules-Ferdinand (1837-1880) by Scholes, Robert

He was born in Paris and lived there all his life, though he traveled to the near and far east as well. He was known as a master of etching, specializing in images of other artworks but also doing scenes and still lives. Unfortunately ill health plagued Jacquemart during most of his life and he died in his forty-third year. Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray (Chapter 14) had a book with an etching by this artist. When he had stretched himself on the sofa, he looked at the title-page of the book. It was Gautier’s Emaux et Camees, Charpentier’s Japanese-paper edition, with the Jacquemart etching. The binding was of citron-green leather, with a design of gilt trellis-work and dotted pomegranates.

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