Jacquier (Skinner), Ivy by Scholes, Robert

She exhibited her artwork at the Salon d’Automne in Paris in 1911, but is known mainly now through her diary,  The Diary of Ivy Jacquier: 1907-1926. She did eight illustrations for a special edition of Prosper Merrimee’s La Double Meprise.

From a bookseller’s description of her published diary:

“The diarist is one of six children born into a Anglo-French family at the turn of the twentieth century; living outside Lyon, schooled in Eastbourne; with unlimited money for travel and artistic indulgences. Ivy studies art in Dresden, enjoys music, and starts questioning life’s conventions and her religion. At thirty, she marries a Scot and later, her first child is born. It’s a joyous diary, expressing an innocence and exuberance that wouldn’t survive in the 21st century. “

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