Jardin, Karel du (1622?-1678) by Scholes, Robert

His father was probably the painter Guillaum du Gardyn of Amsterdam. He studied under Berchem, in Haarlem and went to Rome where he joined the Schildersbent, the Netherlandish artists’ society. His earliest dated work is of 1646, and he was probably in Italy in the later 1640s. He married in Lyon before 1652, probably on his way back from Italy. In 1650 he was in Amsterdam preparing to visit Paris, but he was again in Amsterdam in 1652. In 1616 he became a member of the ‘Pictura’, a newly-founded painting confraternity in The Hague where he was also recorded in 1657 and 1658. He appears to have settled in Amsterdam in 1659. In 1675 he again visited Italy, and he died in Venice on 20 November 1678.

Strolling Ballad Singers
— Jardin, Karel du


Woman Talking to Dog
— Jardin, Karel du

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