Jawlensky, Alexei (1864-1961) by Scholes, Robert

He studied at the Military School in Moscow (1877-1884), the Academy of Arts (1889-1893), and the studio of Repin, St. Petersburg (from 1890), where he met Verevkina (Marianne von Verefkin), his future wife. He worked at Ažbé School, Munich from 1896, where he met Kandinsky. He traveled to Paris in 1903, and afterward exhibited with the Munich and Berlin Sezessions, the Salon d’Automne in Paris, the World of Art, the Union of Russian Artists, The Wreath, and the Jack of Diamonds In 1909, together with Münter and Kandinsky, he was a founder of the New Association of Artists in Munich. He was also a founding member of Die Blaue Reiter (1911).

Head of a Girl (1917)
— Jawlensky, Alexei


Lady in a Yellow Straw Hat (1910)
— Jawlensky, Alexei


Still Life with Vase and Jug (1910)
— Jawlensky, Alexei

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