Kennington, Eric Henri (1888-1960) by Scholes, Robert

Both a painter and a sculptor, he was born in Chelsea, the son of the painter T. B. Kennington. He studied at the Lambeth School of Art and the City and Guilds School. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1908, and became an official war artist in 1916, after being invalided home from his first war duty. A friend and travelling companion of T.E. Lawrence, he executed his effigy at Wareham Church, Hants, and exhibited a bust of Lawrence at the Empire Exhibition, Glasgow, 1938. In WWII he also served as an official artist, painting portraits of soldiers and sailors. He lived at Ipsden in Oxfordshire, and in Reading.

Signaller Off Duty (1916)
— Kennington, Eric Henri


Thomas Hardy (sculpture, 1931)
— Kennington, Eric Henri

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