Laurencin, Marie (1883-1956) by Scholes, Robert

Marie Laurencin (1883 – 1956) After studying (but not hard) the Lycée Lamartine, Laurencin tried porcelain painting at the Sèvres factory. She later entered the Académie Humbert, where she met . In 1907 she exhibited at Clovis Sagot’s gallery in Montmartre. At that time she was a member of a group centered around the Bateau Lavoir, that included , Guillaume Apollinaire (the poet who became her lover and a major apologist for cubism), Fernande Olivier (Picasso’s mistress at that time), Max Jacob, André Salmon, Maurice Raynal, Maurice Cremnitz, Gertrude Stein, and . She worked mostly in the cubist style until 1913. After that she turned to portraits of a more traditional sort. In addition to her painting, she worked as an illustrator on many books and designed costumes and sets for the Ballets Russe. Georges Braque Picasso André Derain

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