Leggett, Rowley by Scholes, Robert

Rowley Leggett We know very little about her, but more than Anthony Ludovici did when he referred to her as “Mr. Rowley Leggett” in . She lived mostly in Sussex and Surrey and painted still lives, among other things. She exhibited her work in London from 1904 to 1919. The New Age (13:2:42) The Sims Gallery in Houston, Texas knows the following things about her: An artist of the British school, Miss Rowley Leggett painted a variety of subjects, but excelled at flower paintings. Seeking a captive audience for her works, she exhibited rather regularly between the years 1904 and 1919. In her lifetime, she exhibited 22 canvases at the Ridley Art Club, 16 at the Society of Women Artists, 14 at the London Salon, 3 at the Royal Cambrian Society, 8 at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, 3 at the Royal Society of British Artists at Birmingham, 4 at the International Society, 1 at the Goupil Gallery, and 4 at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. In 1910, she was made an associate of the Society of Women Artists, a very important accomplishment for a female British artist. We have no idea what they mean by a “captive audience.” But their information is sound enough, being drawn from . The Dictionary of British Artists 1880-1940

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