Leigh-Hunt, Gerard Robert Townshend (1873-1945) by Scholes, Robert

Gerard Robert Townshend Leigh-Hunt (1873 – 1945) He was born in London into a large family. As a child he demonstrated artistic talent, so that his aunt Molly offered to pay his school expenses. He was, accordingly, sent to Lord Williams’s Grammar School at Thame, in Buckinghamshire, where he thrived on the encouragement he received. and began his career as a civil engineer. After visiting Mexico and the United States, he decided to become a painter and attended the St. John’s Wood School of Art and at the Royal Academy Schools. He served in the Boer War. His work was shown in the Paris Salon and in London. He lived for some time in Bournemouth. We are grateful to Richard Russell, C.V.O., of Bray-on-Thames, Berkshire, for most of the information above, and all of the images on this page.

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