Lhermitte, Léon (1844-1925) by Scholes, Robert

Léon Lhermitte (1844 – 1925) Leon Lhermitte was born in 1844 and was still executing works in the French rural tradition at his death in 1925, making him the last in an illustrious group of artists. He showed artistic talent at a young age and in 1863 left his home at Mont-Saint-Pere, Aisne for the Petite Ecole in Paris where he studied with Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran. He worked in the tradition of and was praised by for his handling of light and his treatment of figures. His work is discussed in , but a typographical error resulted in his name being spelled “Lhermille.” Millet Van Gogh The New Age (NA )

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