Livens, Horace Mann (1862-1936) by Scholes, Robert

Horace Mann Livens (1862 – 1936) Landscape, flower and poultry painter, etcher and engraver, who studied at the Croyden School of Art after working in his father’s city office. He later also studied in Antwerp under Charles Verlat for two years, and was a friend of , who suggested he study French painting in Paris. He worked from Mansfield, Croyden, Surrey in 1888, and Sutton, Surrey by 1903, and later in Hatch End, Middlesex in 1912, and eventually settled in Harrow. Van Gogh In 1887 Van Gogh wrote him a long letter in English that includes the following passage: “I felt sure at the time that you are a thorough colourist and since I saw the impressionists I assure you that neither your colour nor mine as it is developing itself, is exactly the same as their theories. But so much dare I say we have a chance and a good one finding friends.”

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