Luini, Bernardino (1480?-1532) by Scholes, Robert

Bernardino Luini (1480 – 1532) Probably born in Luini, on the Lago Maggiore. Possibly by 1499 (when Leonardo left) he had come to Milan where he was influenced by Bramantino, Andrea Solario and, increasingly, by whose manner he adapted to a conservative taste. All we know about him is that in 1507 he was a master with many commissions, that in 1512 he was working at Chiravalle and Milan, that he is referred to in the archives of Legnano in 1516, that he was at work in the Great Monastery at Milan for Count Bentivoglio between 1522 and 1524, that he was at Saronno in 1525, that in 1529 and 1530 he was at work at Lugano. He apparently died in Florence. Leonardo He was known as a painter of religious subjects in frescoes and oil, but he also did portraits and scenes like . Girls Bathing

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