Maltwood, Katherine Emma (1878-1961) by Scholes, Robert

Katherine Emma Maltwood (1878 – 1961) Katherine Sapsworth was born into a comfortable upper middle class family in England in 1878. From an early age she showed an aptitude, interest and talent for art related activities. Her interests were encouraged by her parents and further fostered at Moira House, a progressive girls school that she attended. After graduation she enrolled at the Slade School of Fine Art in London from 1896-97, studying with . She finished her formal training with visits to Paris and Italy. In 1901 she married John Maltwood, a wealthy businessman. She became very interested in Theosophy, and her works reflect this interest. There is a Maltwood Museum in Victoria, British Columbia, founded by a bequest from the artist, which included her collection of Oriental ceramics, costumes and rugs, seventeenth century English furniture, Canadian paintings and Katharine Maltwood’s own sculptures. George Frampton

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