Maris, Jacob (1837-1899) by Scholes, Robert

Jacob Maris (1837 – 1899) From the BBC Website’s page on J. Maris: Jacob Maris co-founded The Hague School of Painters, a group whose inspiration was drawn from the landscape and lives of local peasants and fishermen. In 1857 he and his brother accepted a commission from the Princess of Prussia. This work sent him around Europe until 1865 until the money ran out and he settled in Paris. He concentrated on portrait painting until he returned to The Hague in 1871 when his focus shifted to towns and landscapes. Maris’ ability to create atmospheric skies which dominated the subjects of the paintings made his work both influential to his contemporaries and memorable to this day. Anthony Ludovici, in allowed that Jacob Maris might be a master but denied his brother Willem that title. The New Age (NA 13:20:577)

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