Meugens, Sibyl (c. 1877 – 1942) by Breeze, William

Sibyl Meugens (c. 1877 – 1942) was born in Calcutta c. 1877 to , a chartered accountant with Meugens, King and Simpson in Calcutta, and an English mother, . She lived in England by 1891, and would become an accomplished still-life painter. Harriet Sibyl Meugens Marc A. Theodore Meugens Edith By 1911 Meugens was living with her parents and siblings in Hampshire. In 1912 she married the artist and theatre and opera designer (1884–1937), retaining her maiden name for artistic work; the couple had no children. They held a two-artist show at the Ryder Gallery, London around 1914. The mystical author dedicated his work on the Nicene Creed, (1923), to them. Meugens was widowed in 1937 and died of cancer on August 8, 1942 at Golders Green, London; her reported age was 67, but she was probably nearer to 65. George Sheringham C. G. Harrison The Creed for the Twentieth Century —William Breeze Sources . Unabridged Edition. Edited by . (In preparation.) Crowley, Aleister The Confessions of Aleister Crowley. William Breeze . 55 (April 1915): 130. Reddie, Arthur Decorative Still Life Paintings by Sibyl Meugens. The International Studio 76 (April 1919): 49. Salaman, Malcolm C. The Art of Miss Sibyl Meugens. The International Studio . . London: Michael Joseph, 1968. Turing, Penelope Lance Free

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