Milcendeau, Charles (1872-1919) by Scholes, Robert

Charles Milcendeau (1872 – 1919) He was born at Soullans, near the west coast of France, where his parents were innkeepers. He went to school in Challans, and then to the Lycée de la Roche and at Livet in Nantes. Moving on to Paris, he studied with , where he met , , and . In 1906 he bought a house in Soullans, the Bois Durand, where he spent part of most years after that. The house is now a museum devoted to his work, with paintings and decorations he made there, including Moorish frescoes on the walls. He did portraits, religious paintings, and landscapes of the area, known as the Vendée. Gustave Moreau Rouault Matisse Marquet

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