Modigliani, Amadeo (1884-1920) by Scholes, Robert

Amedeo Modigliani (1884 – 1920) He was born to a Jewish family in Livorno, Italy. He studied at the academies of Florence and Venice, and moved to Paris in 1906, where he was identified with bohemian circles that included Picasso, Brancusi and Utrillo, as well as many literary figures. In 1914 Nina Hamnet introduced him to Beatrice Hastings, editor and writer, who had just moved to Paris. Hastings lived with him during the period of his transition from doing mainly sculptural works to mainly paintings and drawings. He died very young, of tuberculosis, complicated by a rather dissipated life, and was known at that time mainly by his fellow artists and bohemians. Afterwards he became recognized as a major modernist painter. Picasso The New Age

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