Moore, Thomas Sturge (1870-1944) by Scholes, Robert

Thomas Sturge Moore (1870 – 1944) Thomas Moore was born on 4 March 1870, the eldest son of Daniel Moore and Henrietta Sturge. His mother came from an established Quaker family and Thomas retained some sympathy with this position. Thomas and his three brothers were educated at Dulwich College. (His brother G. E. Moore went on to become a well-known philospher. Thomas himself went to art school and became a pupil of , from whom he learned wood-engraving, becoming well known for his bookplate designs. Later, adding his mother’s name to his own to distinguish him from the Irish poet, Tom Moore, Thomas Sturge Moore also published many poems and plays as well as prose works on art and literature, including several pieces in . His first volume of poetry, , appeared in 1899. Later works include the play and . He wrote several books on art, such as and . In 1903 he married his cousin Marie Appia. In later years they lived in Hampstead where they held poetry readings and other gatherings in their home. He was a friend of W. B. Yeats and corresponded with him and other literary figures of the time. Charles Ricketts The New Age The Vinedresser Absalom (1903) Mystery and Tragedy (1930) Albrecht Dürer (1905) Art and Life (1910)

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