Nevinson, Christopher Richard Wynne (1889-1946) by Scholes, Robert

Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson (1889 – 1946) He was born in Hampstead and studied at the St. John’s Wood School, at the Slade School (1908-1912) and at the Académie Julian in Paris (1912-1913). He shared a studio in Paris with . In 1913 he was a founder member of the London Group. And, though he was not a signatory of the Vorticist Manifesto, his work appeared in the second, or “War Number” of in July of 1915. He also had a drawing in the series edited by T. E. Hulme in . In 1938 his interesting autobiograhical memoir, , was published. Modigliani Blast The New Age Paint and Prejudice

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