Noe, Amédée Charles-Henri de (“Cham”) (1818-1879) by Scholes, Robert

Amédée Charles-Henri de (“Cham”) Noe (1818 – 1879) He was born in Paris and, after failing the examinations at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, he entered the Ministry of Finance as a trainee. He soon abandoned this career to train as an artist in the workshops of Paul Delaroche and Nicolas-Toussaint Charlet. Under the influence of Charlet he developed his talent for making caricatures and grotesque drawings. He began his career as a caricaturist in 1839, when he published anonymously his first album. In December 1843 he joined the staff of the magazine , and, from then until he died, he produced at least 40,000 designs. His work was much appreciated in England, where both and the carried drawings by him. Le Charivari Punch Illustrated London News

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