Peruzzi, Baldassare (1481-1536) by Scholes, Robert

Baldassare Peruzzi (1481 – 1536) He was an architect and painter, born in Sienna in Tuscany, but moving to Rome in 1502. There, he worked under , , and Sangallo during the erection of St. Peter’s. In 1515 he designed a new facade for Bologna Cathedral and later worked on a church, chapel, and palazzo in the town. When Raphael died in 1520, Peruzzi succeeded him as architect of Saint Peter’s basilica in Rome, using drawing as a tool to understand and further develop the existing plans. Bramante Raphael Following the Sack of Rome in 1527, Peruzzi returned to Siena, where he became architect to the Republic. Here he improved fortifications, devised a minting machine, and constructed several villas. He also designed a dome and altar for the modernization of Siena Cathedral and reconstructed a dam.

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