Polowetski, Charles Ezekiel (1884-1955) by Scholes, Robert

Charles Ezekiel Polowetski (1884 – 1955) Charles Ezekiel Polowetski was born in Russia in 1884 and died, in San Francisco, in 1955. He studied with Robert Blum in the United States and with Leon Bonnat in Paris. During the early 20th century Polowetski exhibited primarily in New York, but his work was in a show at London’s Albert Hall in July of 1910, bringing him priase from Huntly Carter for his “lucid and clear style” in for July 28th, 1910 . Charlton Richard Wissmueller, Polowetski’s grandson, tells us that Polowetski was wedded at least five times, and his fifth marriage was “to a distant member of the Swedish royal family.” In the late 1940s or early 1950s, he painted the royal family’s portrait, which may still be hanging in one of the palaces near Stockholm. The New Age (NA 7.13:307)

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