Proctor, Ernest [“Procter”] (1886-1935) by Scholes, Robert

Ernest [“Procter”] Proctor (1886 – 1935) He was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland. From 1907-1910 he was a member of the artists’ colony in Newlyn, Cornwall, studying at the art school founded there by the and . Ernest Proctor and Doris “Dod” Shaw were amongst the Forbes’ star pupils. They married in Newlyn in 1912. In both their work, the influence of the French impressionist and post-impressionist painters is strong, particularly that of Cezanne and Renoir. With Harold Harvey (who lived on till 1941) the Proctors in turn founded their own art-school in Newlyn. Dod and Ernest Procter were among those who painted religious scenes for the church of St. Hilary (near Penzance), at the request of Rev. Bernard Walke. Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes

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