Raeburn, Henry (1756-1823) by Scholes, Robert

Henry Raeburn (1756 – 1823) Orphaned as a child, Henry Raeburn became apprenticed to an Edinburgh goldsmith at sixteen and soon after found his calling painting portrait miniatures. Raeburn seems to have been a largely self-taught artist. Although he studied in Rome from 1784 to 1786, his work and ambition were certainly more influenced by the example of Sir Joshua Reynolds, whom he met in London before his departure for Italy than by anything he may have seen there. By the end of the late 1780s, Raeburn was well established as the leading portrait painter in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Information about him and images of his work are widely available.

Self Portrait of Henry Raeburn
— Raeburn, Henry


Girl Holding Flowers
—Raeburn, Henry


Hugh Hope
—Raeburn, Henry


Mrs. Hay
—Raeburn, Henry

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