Richter, Herbert Davis (1874-1955) by Scholes, Robert

Herbert Davis Richter (1874 – 1955) He was born in Brighton, but shortly after his birth the family moved to Bath and he was brought up on a small farm in Lansdown. As a youngster he exhibited mechanical and artistic talent and a small workshop was built for him. Though he later became well known as a still life painter, he spent his young adulthood as the chief designer and architect at the British-Bath Cabinet Company, a company his brother established. After working there for some years, he enrolled as a student at the Lambeth School of Art, where he remained for a short period of time. He then transferred to the London School of Art, finding the atmosphere to be livelier, inspiring and more progressive. There, he studied under the two founders of the school John Swann and . He specialized in still lives and interiors and is known, above all, as a painter of flowers. Frank Brangwyn

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