Richter, Irma Anne (1876-1956) by Scholes, Robert

Irma Anne Richter (1876 – 1956) She was born in London, the daughter of Jean Paul and Louise (Schwaab) Richter, and became, like her parents a historian of Renaissance art. She studied at the Slade School of art, Oxford and in Paris. Although principally an artist, her knowledge of art history and languages led her to translations and writing about Leonardo and, with her sister, Gisela M. A. Richter, the curator of Greek art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, books on Greek sculpture. She taught studio art in Greenwich, CT, and in London. Her painting exhibitions included the Beaux-arts Gallery in London, 1909-28; the Salon in Paris; Goupil Gallery, London; the New English Art Club and the National Portrait Society. In for April 21, 1910, , Huntly Carter praised her “very charming colour sketches.” She is remembered today mainly as the editor of da Vinci’s notebooks. The New Age (NA 6.25:595) Leonardo

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