Rizi, Fray Juan Andrés (1600-1681) by Scholes, Robert

Fray Juan Andrés Rizi (1600 – 1681) He was one of two brother artists (Francisco Rizi de Guevara was the other) who were contemporaries of Velazquez in Spain. Their father, Antonio had come from Bologna to Madrid to work on the decoration of the palace called El Escorial outside the city. Thus Juan and Francisco were born there. Juan Andrés worked in Madrid for a time but became a Benedictine monk in 1627 and did most of his work at various monastaries, finally working at Montecassino in Italy from 1670 until his death. His title (Fray or Brother) has become part of his name as an artist. He wrote an important manuscript on architecture: . Breve tratado de arquitectura acerca del orden Salomónico Entero

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