Roussel, Ker Xavier (1867-1944) by Scholes, Robert

Ker Xavier Roussel (1867 – 1944) He was born at Chêne à Lory-lès-Metz. In 1882 he was a student at the Lycée Condorcet in Paris, where he met , , and Lugné-Poe . He was especially close to Vuillard, whose sister he married. In 1885 he entered the l’Atelier Maillart, and in 1888 studied at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts. In 1889 he began to spend time at l’Académie Julian, where he met . Roussel, Vuillard, Bonnard, and Denis there formed the Nabis group, which had its first group show at la galerie de Le Barc de Boutteville in 1891. On a trip to the south of France with Denis in 1906 he met and . The importance of Cézanne for him can be seen in the lithograph that we have called Bathers below. His favorite subject matter was pastoral and mythological. As with other members of the Nabis, his work appeared in from time to time after 1891, and he did work for theatres and public buildings. Vuillard Maurice Denis Bonnard Cézanne Signac La Revue Blanche

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