Sands, Ethel (1873-1962) by Scholes, Robert

Ethel Sands (1873 – 1962) She was born in Newport, Rhode Island. The family moved to England shortly after her birth. Around 1894 Ethel went to Paris to study under Carrière. There she met Nan Hudson,, who became her companion for life. In 1900 she became a British citizen, buying a house in London in 1906. She was familiar with Sickert and the Camden Town group of artists, but that group excluded women. In 1913 she and Hudson became founder members of the London Group. She lived and worked in both England and France and acted as a nurse in both World Wars. Much of her work was lost to bombing in England and looting in France. Her work is said to show the influence of , which can be seen in Spare Room, linked below . Her Normandy home was decorated by and , while her house in Chelsea was worked on by and . (The main source for the above information is Penny Dunford’s ) Vuillard Vanessa Bell Duncan Grant Sickert Boris Anrep Biographical Dictionary of Women Artists in Europe and America Since 1850

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