Shepherd, F. H. S. (1877-?) by Scholes, Robert

F. H. S. Shepherd (1877 – ) We know he was born in Stoke under Ham, near Yeovil, and that he studied at the Slade School from 1898 to 1902. He painted landscapes, portraits, and figures and exhibited frequently with the New English Art Club and at the Goupil Gallery. In the March 16th 1911 number of , Huntly Carter had this to say about a show of Shepherd’s work at the Chenil Gallery: The New Age (NA 8.20:475) There is no post-impressionism about Mr. Shepherd’s interesting water-colour landscapes. Indeed, I can hear him say, “You must regard my work from quite another standpoint. The post-Impressionists have started at the beginning; they will, I hope, go on as the Primitives did, till, finally, after centuries of striving they develop to my point of perfection. The fact is, you see, I am enormously in advance of these new young fellows in painting.” Such extreme and uncommon modesty on the part of a veteran deserves a reward, and patrons who appreciate Mr. Shepherd’s artistic interiors will like his descriptions of English scenery. We would like to locate images of his work.

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