Sime, Sidney H. (1867-1941) by Scholes, Robert

Sidney H. Sime (1867 – 1941) Sidney Sime came to art by a roundabout way. He was born in 1867, the same year as and . He showed precocious talent but his early early years were spent making a blue collar living as, variously, a baker, a shoemaker, a coal miner and other forms of honest labor. At one point he was apprenticed to a sign maker and took some art classes at the Liverpool School of Art. His success there, though not staggering, convinced him that art was his livelihood and by 1895 he managed to get his illustrations published in the humor magazines of the day, particularly in . He is best known today for his illustrations to the fantastic fiction of Lord Dunsany. Arthur Rackham Frank Brangwyn Pick-Me-Up

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