Stokes, Adrian Scott (1854-1935) by Scholes, Robert

Adrian Scott Stokes (1854 – 1935) The painter Adrian Stokes was born in Southport, and worked at a cotton broker in Liverpool until his artistic talents were noticed by John Herbert RA, who advised him to submit his drawings to the Royal Academy. He was subsequently able to enter the RA Schools in 1872.He studied later in Paris under Dagnan-Bouveret. He lived and worked in Britain and on the Continent, writing a book called Landscape Painting. He is not to be confused with Adrian Durham Stokes (1902-1972), the painter, poet, and famous art historian and critic, who was born nearly half a century later. In 1884 he met the Austrian painter Marianne Preindlsberger in Pont Aven and married her shortly after. They lived and worked during the nineties in St. Ives, Cornwall. She was well-known herself, exhibiting in England as Marianne Stokes.

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