Underwood, (George) (Claude) Leon (1890-1975) by Scholes, Robert

(George) (Claude) Leon Underwood (1890 – 1975) He was born in Askew Road, Sheperd’s Bush, London, and studied at the Regent Street Polytechnic 1907-10, and the Royal College of Art 1910-13, where he became the student of and E.C. Alston, and took a year’s refresher course at Slade in 1919, and devoted himself almost exclusively to life drawing under .. He travelled widely, before and after serving in the Camouflage Section of the Royal Engineers during World War I. He became well-known as both a sculptor and a painter, exhibiting mainly with the New English Art Club. In August 1913 Anthony Ludovici found his weak, ), but Underwood went on to better things. He was only 22 when he drew that criticism, and was still known as G. C. L. Underwood. He taught at a number of schools in London. Henry Moore was one of his students. He also lived briefly in Greenwhich Village, New York City in the twenties. He wrote poetry and published a number of books on West African art. A book on his sculpture by Ben Whitworth is in print (as of May, 2004). Gerald Moira Tonks Fragment of a Panel NA 13:16:463

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