Vallotton, Felix (1865-1925) by Scholes, Robert

Felix Vallotton (1865 – 1925) Born in Lausanne, Swizerland, Vallotton trained in Paris with at the Académie Julian. Early in his career he faithfully copied the old masters in the Louvre and made engravings in the manner of and . He became one of the “Nabis” group (, , , , Felix Vallotton, and ) and was a collaborator in the Parisian magazine, , between 1894 and 1901. He worked frequently in the medium of the woodcut, in a style influenced by but different from Japanese work in this medium. Toulouse-Lautrec Millet Rembrandt Pierre Bonnard Maurice Denis Aristide Maillol Ker Xavier Roussel Edouard Vuillard Le Revue Blanche

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