Walden, Nell (1887-1975) by Scholes, Robert

Nell Walden (1887 – 1975) She was born Nell Rosmund in Landskrona, Sweden, but moved to Berlin as a young woman and became the second wife of Herwarth Walden, who was a leader in the modernist art movements of that city. Herwarth Walden was originally Georg Levine, a musician turned writer, who had been renamed by his first wife, the poet Else Lasker. Walden published the first issue of jis avant-garde periodical in 1910 and became a publishing house, art gallery, school, theater group, meeting place, publisher of prints and later a political headquarters. Nell Rosmund helped him to introduce Expressionism, Cubism, and Futurism to the German public. During the decade 1910-1920, she became more an object of the painter’s eye than a painter herself, but she has been called “the first abstract painter in Swedish history.” Most of the artists connected to the modernist movement in Germany painted or sculpted her. Der Sturm Der Sturm

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