Willette, Adolphe (1857-1926) by Scholes, Robert

Adolphe Willette (1857 – 1926) He was born in Châlons-sur-Marne, was a student of at the École des Beaux-arts, and had his first picture (la Tentation de St Antoine) in the Salon en 1881. Known primarily as a poster artist, he worked at the , , and . He founded and . In 1910, he helped to establish the journall . He was friendly with and –and a well known figure at the cabaret of Aristide Bruant. In addition to the posters and sketches for which he was justly famous, he did menus for restaurants in exchange for free meals. Cabanel Chat-Noir le Courrier Français le Triboulet le Rire Le Pierrot Le Pied de Nez Les Humoristes Steinlen Toulouse-Lautrec

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