Zuloaga, Ignacio (1870-1945) by Scholes, Robert

Ignacio Zuloaga (1870 – 1945) The career chosen for him by his father was that of an architect, and with this object in view he was sent to Rome, where he immediately followed the strong impulse that led him to painting. After only six months’ work he completed his first picture, which was exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1890. Continuing his studies in Paris, where he lived for five years, he was strongly influenced by and . Only on his return to his native soil he found his true style, which is based en the national Spanish tradition embodied in the work of , , , and . gave high praise to his Portrait of an Old Man in , . Paul Gauguin Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Velazquez Zurbaran El Greco Goya Walter Sickert The New Age (NA 6.25:595)

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