Comparative Charts―Involving Contributions to The Egoist, The Little Review, and Others (1915-1919)

We wanted to compare the contributions that authors made to multiple journals, so we created a mega-dataset that combined the MODS records for three MJP journals—The Egoist, The Little Review, and Others—over a period of four years, July 1915 – July 1919. We selected this four year span since it coincides with the full-run of Others; and we selected the other two journals since we figured, as little magazines, they may have some of the same contributors as Others. That proved to be the case: upon reviewing the author lists we produced from our journal datasets, we discovered at least 14 authors who contributed to all three journals during this period.

What we’ve produced immediately below is a series of column charts (created with the chart tools on Google Docs) that represent the three-journal contributions of ten of these authors: Richard Aldington, Maxwell Bodenheim, T. S. Eliot, H. D., Alfred Kreymborg, Amy Lowell, Marianne (spelled “Marianna” in The Little Review) Moore, Ezra Pound, John Rodker, and William Carlos Williams. (Click on the thumbnails images below to see larger, interactive versions of these charts.)

Ten charts depicting the contributions of a single author in three journals

Charts depicting the contributions of the above authors in each of the three journals

After visualizing each author’s work in The Egoist, The Little Review, and Others (1915-1919), we wanted to see what it would look like to chart their collective contributions to each of these journals. The charts below―which are also linked to a separate html page that contains larger, interactive versions―do just that. The area charts on the right show all ten authors’ contributions to The Egoist, The Little Review, and Others, respectively; but since we found the info in these visualizations to be too compressed to be useful, we created a second set, which appear in the left-hand column, that chart the contributions of just five of the ten authors: Aldington, Eliot, H. D., Moore, and Pound.

How We Made These Charts

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