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1904 — 1905
Vol. 1, No. 2
Eglinton, John, 1868-1961 (editor)
Dublin: Hodges, Figgis and Co., 1904-06-01 36 p.; 21.4 x 14 cm
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Contents Contents: i-i
Front Advertisements: ii-ii
Catholicism and Civilisation (Robertson, John M.): 33-38
The Monk (O'Sullivan, Seumas): 38-38
'Ireland in the New Century' (Moore, Maurice): 39-44
Religion and Love (AE): 45-49
Imperialism. II (Ossorian): 50-54
Moods and Memories. III (Moore, George): 55-61
Lightest of Dancers (AE): 61-61
'Young Ireland' and Liberal Ideas (Ryan, Frederick): 62-64
Back Advertisements: iii-iv
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