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1911 — 1913
Vol. 1, No. 4
Murry, John Middleton, 1889-1957 (editor)
London: The Saint Catherine Press, 1912-03-01 44 p.; 24.2 x 18.3 cm.
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Contents Contents: B-B
The Return to Poetry (Binyon, Laurence): 1-2
Drawing (Rice, Anne Estelle): 3-3
The Dancing Seal (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 4-6
Drawing (Peploe, S. J.): 6-6
Drawing (Thompson, Margaret): 7-7
The Woman at the Store (Mansfield, Katherine): 7-21
Landscape (Manguin, Henri): 9-9
Drawing (Marquet, Albert): 12-12
Study (Halpert, Lionel): 15-15
Drawing (Peploe, S. J.): 20-20
Vision (Moult, Thomas): 21-21
Les Boxeurs (Dunoyer-Segonzac, A.): 22-22
After Gauguin (Sadler, Michael T. H.): 23-29
Drawing (Rice, Anne Estelle): 25-25
Hortensia (Fergusson, J. D.): 27-27
Drawing (Simpson, J. W.): 29-29
Very Early Spring (Petrovsky, Boris): 30-30
The Awakening River (Petrovsky, Boris): 30-30
Drawing (Dismorr, Jessie): 31-31
Le Petit Comptable (Pellerin, Jean): 31-31
Voyage (Claudien): 32-33
Une Vie (Claudien): 33-33
Drawing (Peploe, S. J.): 33-33
Acknowledgements: 34-34
Tail Piece (Fergusson, J. D.): 34-34
Book Review. 'Fires. Book I: The Stone and Other Tales' by W. W. Gibson (J. M. M.): 35-35
Journal Review. 'The Poetry Review' Nos. I and II (M. T. H. S.): 35-35
Review of 'The Return of Religion,' an Ode by Horace Holley: 35-35
Journal Review. 'The Papyrus' Oct. & Nov. 1911; 'The Idler' Dec. & Jan. 1911-12 (A. J. C.): 36-36
Journal Review. 'Les Bandeaux d'Or' Jan.-Feb. 1912: 36-36
Journal Review. 'L'Ile Sonnante' Feb. 1912 (J. M. M.): 36-36
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