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1911 — 1913
Vol. 2, No. 7
Murry, John Middleton, 1889-1957 (editor)
London: Stephen Swift & Company Ltd., 1912-08-01 60 p.; 24.2 x 18.3 cm.
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Contents Contents: B-B
Front Advertisements: i-ii
Geraniums (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 73-73
Richard Middleton: Ad Memoriam (Harris, Frank): 74-84
Drawing (Fergusson, J. D.): 77-77
Study (Picasso, Pablo): 79-79
The Two Lives (Davies, William H.): 84-84
Ballet Russe (Rice, Anne Estelle): 84-84
Miles Dixon. Act I (Cannan, Gilbert): 85-94
Drawing (Fergusson, J. D.): 88-88
Le Spectre de la Rose (Rice, Anne Estelle): 93-93
Midsummer Noon (Moult, Thomas): 94-94
The Little Boy (Murry, John Middleton): 95-97
An Adventure of Seumas Beg. Behind the Hill (Stephens, James): 97-97
Study (Fergusson, J. D.): 98-98
Tales of a Courtyard. Early Spring. I (Mansfield, Katherine): 99-100
Tales of a Courtyard. The Following After. II (Mansfield, Katherine): 100-102
Portrait (King, Clarence E.): 101-101
Tales of a Courtyard. By Moonlight. III (Mansfield, Katherine): 102-105
Portrait (Fergusson, J. D.): 103-103
L'Après-midi d'un faune (Rice, Anne Estelle): 105-105
Les Ballets Russes (Rice, Anne Estelle): 106-110
Schéhérazade (Rice, Anne Estelle): 106-106
Thamar (Rice, Anne Estelle): 108-108
Schéhérazade (Rice, Anne Estelle): 109-109
Observations and Opinions. Machines. I (Cannan, Gilbert): 110-112
Drawing (Fergusson, J. D.): 112-112
Lettre de France. Esquisse de la Poésie Française Actuelle. II (Derème, Tristan): 113-119
Le Dieu Bleu (Rice, Anne Estelle): 117-117
Jack & Jill Attend the Theatre: Review of 'The Well of the Saints' by J. M. Synge (The Two Tigers): 120-121
Book Review. 'Mary Broome' by Allan Monkhouse (G. C.): 121-122
Book Review. 'Elsie Lindtner' by Karin Michaelis (K. M.): 122-122
Book Review. 'La Bohême et Mon Coeur' by Francis Carco (J. M. M.): 122-123
Book Review. 'Through the Ivory Gate' by Reginald Farrer (F. G.): 123-123
Book Review. 'Songs of the Open Air' by George A. Green and 'German Lyrics and Ballads' by Daisy Broicher (W. W. G.): 123-123
Book Review. 'Matter, Form and Style' by Hardress O'Grady (J. M. M.): 124-124
Books Received: 124-124
Back Advertisements: iii-iv
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