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1911 — 1913
Vol. 2, No. 8
Murry, John Middleton, 1889-1957 (editor)
London: Stephen Swift & Company Ltd., 1912-09-01 68 p.; 24.2 x 18.3 cm.
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The Earth Child (Petrovsky, Boris): 125-125
Miles Dixon. Act II (Cannan, Gilbert): 126-134
Whitechapel Jew (Gaudier-Bizeska, Henri): 129-129
Smiles (Davies, William H.): 135-135
Bird (Gaudier-Bizeska, Henri): 135-135
How Pearl Button Was Kidnapped (Heron, Lili): 136-139
Bird (Gaudier-Bizeska, Henri): 138-138
Arcades Ambo (Crossthwaite, Arthur): 139-139
The Money (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 140-144
Drawing (Gaudier-Bizeska, Henri): 143-143
Drawing (Fergusson, J. D.): 144-144
Landscape (Friesz, Othon): 145-145
The Major (MacFall, Haldane): 147-157
The Model (Simpson, Joseph): 152-152
Drawing (Fergusson, J. D.): 157-157
Backward (Murry, John Middleton): 158-160
Drawing (Gaudier-Bizeska, Henri): 159-159
Nocturne (Orton, W. A.): 161-161
Spring in a Dream (Mansfield, Katherine): 161-165
Floryan Sobieniowski (Wilkomirski, Casimir): 163-163
La Pierre (George, W. L.): 165-168
Woman's Head (Gaudier-Bizeska, Henri): 166-166
Salomé: at the Châtelet Theatre, Paris (Banks, Georges): 169-172
Ida Rubenstein as Salomé (Banks, Georges): 170-170
Caricature of Mme Ida Rubenstein (Banks, Georges): 173-173
Observations and Opinions. Liberty. II (Cannan, Gilbert): 174-176
Lettre de Paris (Carco, Francis): 176-180
Book Review. 'Hindle Wakes' by Stanley Houghton (G. C.): 180-181
Book Review. 'From the Theatre to the Music Hall' by W. R. Titterton (G. C.): 181-181
Book Review. 'Confessions of a Fool' by August Strindberg (K. M.): 181-182
Book Review. 'Pan's Garden' by Algernon Blackwood (J. M. M.): 182-182
Book Review. 'All Manner of Folk: Interpretations and Studies' by Holbrook Jackson (F. G.): 182-183
Book Review. 'English Literature (1880-1905)' by J. M. Kennedy (F. G.): 183-184
Revue des Revues (Carco, Francis): 184-184
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