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1911 — 1913
Vol. 2, No. 9
Murry, John Middleton, 1889-1957 (editor)
London: Stephen Swift & Company Ltd., 1912-10-01 60 p.; 24.2 x 18.3 cm.
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Contents Contents: B-B
Front Advertisements: i-ii
Mabel (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 185-185
Fuel (Dunsany): 186-188
Head (Peploe, S. J.): 188-188
New Dresses (Mansfield, Katherine): 189-201
Caricature of Katherine Mansfield (Banks, Georges): 193-193
Head (Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri): 198-198
Torment (Murry, John Middleton): 202-203
Design: Je t'aime (Fontenay, Charles): 203-203
Observations and Opinions. The End of the World. III (Cannan, Gilbert): 204-206
Head (Peploe, S. J.): 206-206
The Present (Andreieff, Léonide): 207-213
Portrait of Himself (Picasso, Pablo): 210-210
Le Voyage en Cythère: The Return (Sackville, Margaret): 214-217
Drawing (Peploe, S. J.): 217-217
The Little Girl (Heron, Lili): 218-221
Head (Fergusson, J. D.): 222-222
Sunday Lunch (The Tiger): 223-225
The Story (Crossthwaite, Arthur): 225-225
Lettre de France. Poètes Nouveaux. III (Derème, Tristan): 226-231
Head (Peploe, S. J.): 227-227
Book Review. 'Fires,' Books II and III, by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (G. C.): 232-233
Book Review. 'On the Truth of Decorative Art' by Lionel de Fonseka (J. M. M.): 233-234
Book Review. 'Mortadello, or the Angel of Venice: A Comedy' by Aleister Crowley (W. W. G.): 234-234
Book Review. 'Denys of Auxerre' by James Barton (W. W. G.): 234-234
Book Review. 'An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry' by P. Selver (K. M.): 235-235
Book Review. 'Wayfarers' by Lenore van der Veer (H. K. L.): 235-235
Revue des Revues (Carco, Francis): 236-236
Books Received: 236-236
Back Advertisements: iii-iv
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