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1911 — 1913
Vol. 2, No. 13
Murry, John Middleton, 1889-1957 (editor)
London: Martin Secker, 1913-02-01 60 p.; 24.2 x 18.3 cm.
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Contents Contents: B-B
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The Changeling (de la Mare, Walter): 381-381
From a Japanese Ink-Slab. Part I (Noguchi, Yone): 382-385
Sketch (Moult, Thomas): 386-386
Frascati (Brodsky, Horace): 387-387
A Day in Potter's Life (Swinnerton, Frank): 388-406
Kettland from Brackenber Moor (Holmes, C. J.): 391-391
Drawing (Winzer, Charles): 396-396
Frascati (Brodsky, Horace): 407-407
The Peace of God (Plowman, Max): 407-408
Woodcut (Brodsky, Horace): 408-408
Drawing (Rice, Anne Estelle): 409-409
In the Campagna (Pawlowska, Yoi): 409-411
Drawing (Fergusson, J. D.): 411-411
The Revues and George Formby (Cannan, Gilbert): 412-413
Lettre de France. Roger Frene. V (Dereme, Tristan): 414-418
Drawing (Rice, Anne Estelle): 418-418
The Galleries. Cubists at the Grafton (a Retrospect) (Drey, O. Raymond): 419-423
Etching (Polunin, Vladimir): 421-421
Mr. C. J. Holmes at the Carfax Gallery (Sadler, Michael T. H.): 424-426
Oraisons Funebres. T. B. Dorcas, Man of Letters. II (Jeune, Bossuet): 426-427
Book Review. 'The Letters of a Post-Impressionist' (Drey, O. Raymond): 428-430
Book Review. 'Woman and To-Morrow' by W. L. George (Goodyear, F.): 430-431
Book Review. 'Lafcadio Hearn' by Edward Thomas (F. G.): 432-432
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