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1921 — 1922
Number 1
Lewis, Wyndham (editor)
London: The Egoist Press, 1921-01-01 12 p., 39 x 26 cm.
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Contents Cover Design: The Cept (Tyro) (Lewis, Wyndham): 1-1
Note on Tyros: 2-2
The Objects of This Paper: 2-2
Contents: 2-2
The Children of the New Epoch (Lewis, Wyndham): 3-3
Roger Fry's Role of Continental Mediator (Lewis, Wyndham): 3-3
The Romantic Englishman, the Comic Spirit, and the Function of Criticism (Eliot, T. S.): 4-4
The Lesson of Baudelaire (Eliot, T. S.): 4-4
The Brombroosh (Lewis, Wyndham): 5-5
Will Eccles: A Serial Story (Lewis, Wyndham): 6-6
Song to the Opherian (Krutzsch, Gus): 6-6
White Males (McAlmon, Robert): 6-6
Cafe Cannibale (Adams, John): 6-6
Meeting between the Tyro, Mr. Segando, and the Tyro, Phillip (Lewis, Wyndham): 7-7
Mr. Segando in the Fifth Cataclysm (Rodker, John): 8-8
The Exit (Bomberg, David): 9-9
Dancers (Roberts, William Patrick): 9-9
Emotional Aesthetics (Drey, O. Raymond): 10-10
Dancing Figures (Clay Model) (Dobson, Frank): 11-11
Lady Seated at Table (Lewis, Wyndham): 11-11
Critics in Arabia (Read, Herbert): 12-12
The Wild Boar (McAlmon, Robert): 12-12
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