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1921 — 1922
Number 2
Lewis, Wyndham (editor)
London: The Egoist Press, 1922-01-01 106 p., 39 x 26 cm.
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Contents: 1-1
List of Reproductions of Pictures and Designs: 2-2
Editorial (Editor): 3-3
Editorial. A Preamble for the Usual Public (Editor): 3-9
Editorial. Recent Painting in London—The Finance Expert (Editor): 9-10
The Three Provincialities (Eliot, T. S.): 11-13
Abstract Painting and Some Analogies (Drey, O. Raymond): 14-18
Some Russian Artists (Dismorr, Jessie): 19-20
Animal Study (Morris, Cedric): 20-20
Essay on the Objective of Plastic Art in Our Time (Lewis, Wyndham): 21-37
Bugs (Hudson, Stephen): 38-40
Grotesques Walking (Adams, John): 41-42
Pieta (Rodker, John): 42-42
A Note on Imagination (Read, Herbert): 43-45
'Southern Syncopated Singers' (Rodker, John): 45-45
Tyronic Dialogues.—X. and F. (Lewis, Wyndham): 46-49
Lettre de Paris (George, Waldemar): 50-52
Bestre (Lewis, Wyndham): 53-63
Conversation (Dismorr): i-i
Sculpture (Lipschitz): ii-ii
Room No. 59 (Lewis, Wyndham): iii-iii
Red and Black Olympus (Lewis, Wyndham): iv-iv
Women (Lewis, Wyndham): v-v
Girl Reading (Lewis, Wyndham): vi-vi
Sensibility (Lewis, Wyndham): vii-vii
Drawing for Jonathan Swift (Lewis, Wyndham): viii-viii
Women Descending from Bus (Dobson): ix-ix
Family (Dobson): x-x
Cornish Arabesque (Etchells): xi-xi
Gunwalloe (Etchells): xii-xii
Porthleven (Etchells): xiii-xiii
Portland (Wadsworth): xiv-xiv
Port (Wadsworth): xv-xv
Mudros. I (Wadsworth): xvi-xvi
Mudros. II (Wadsworth): xvii-xvii
Mudros. III (Wadsworth): xviii-xviii
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