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1907 — 1928
Volume 1, Number 13

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1907-07-25
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Contents The Outlook: 193-195
The Industrial Outlook: 195-196
The Lesson of Hollesley Bay (Lloyd, C.M.): 196-197
Arguing for Victory (Pugh, Edwin): 197-198
Socialism and the Soldier (Chesterton, Cecil): 198-199
advertisements: 199-200
Colne Valley and the Socialist Party: 200-200
A Market-Place in Morocco. I (Carpenter, Edward): 201-202
Reviews. 'The Case for Women's Suffrage' Ed. by Brougham Villiers: 202-203
Reviews. 'Six Acres by Hand Labour' by Harold E. Moore and 'The Simple Life on Four Acres' by F. A. Morton: 203-203
Reviews. 'The Workman's Compensation Act, 1906' by F. L. Firminger: XXX-XXX
advertisements: 203-203
Marginalia (H. J.): 204-204
Books Received: 204-204
Drama. The Midnight Wedding (Guest, L. Haden): 205-205
Occasional Reflections (Jepson, Edgar): 205-207
advertisements: 205-208
Correspondence. The Socialist Party (Kirkman, F. B.): 207-207
Correspondence. The Socialist Party (Clay, Henry): 207-207
Correspondence. The Whitehall Cossaks (Verran, Marian): 207-207
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