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1907 — 1928
Volume 1, Number 19

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1907-09-05
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Contents The Outlook: 289-290
A Cautious Step Backwards in India (Storey, H.V.): 291-292
Socialism and Fiscal Reform (Holmes, Frank): 292-293
The Rites of Astaroth (Farr, Florence): 294-295
A Socialist's Notebook (Scipian): 295-295
advertisements: 296-296
A Labour Charter: 296-296
Pour la Paix, Pour la Liberte (France, Anatole): 297-298
Reviews. 'Bernard Shaw. A Monography' by Holbrook Jackson (C. D. S.): 298-299
Reviews. 'The Brahmana, Theists, and Muslims of India' by John Campbell Oman: 299-300
Marginalia: 300-300
Books Received: 300-300
Drama. The Hypocrites (Guest, L. Haden): 301-301
Among Enemies (Nietzsche, Friedrich): 301-301
advertisements: 301-304
Correspondence. v (Lee, A.H.): 302-302
Correspondence. The Citizen Army and Breeding (Eder, M.D.): 302-302
Correspondence. Principles of Education (Kettle, F.): 302-303
Correspondence. Principles of Education (Foster, S. A.): 303-303
Correspondence. Socialism and National Defence (Parmenter, W.): 303-303
Correspondence. Don Juan in Hell (Juan, Don): 303-303
Correspondence. The Minimax Tax (Middleton, John B.): 303-303
advertisements: 302-304
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